Creative Gray

by Doubt Aplomb

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available on 12'' LP from Planet Bullshit Records
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released February 1, 2013

All songs written, performed & recorded by Cory Soto
Mastered by Drew Montoya at Pandemonium Recorders



all rights reserved


Doubt Aplomb Ventura, California

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Track Name: Kelsey's Midnight Movie List
Quite, quite an imagination, riding on a pencil
that has good faith
With kids, stuck with other kids, who wished
they lived in a different time
Watching movies, oh 90s movies, oh 80s movies, oh 80s movies
Fantasies that better suit me, than reality

Jumanji, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead,
Police Academy, Drop Dead Fred, Halloween, Badlands,
House Party, Do The Right Thing, Empire Records,
John Hughes, Edward Scissorhands, Colors, Menace
II Society, Uncle Buck, The Great Outdoors, Big
Wednesday, Jaws, Labyrinth, Son In Law, Raising
Arizona, The Big Lebowski, Jurassic Park, Chinatown,
Rock Star, Batman, High Fidelity and Rain Man

Hiding, hiding in my favorites when times were bad, and
things were sad
And knowing that I could start quoting the lines by
heart, from my favorite parts
My favorite, oh my favorite theme song was the
theme song from Pete & Pete
The brains that walk around today are playing movies
from yesterday

And the kids of today, are the characters of yesterday
And the kids of today, are the characters of yesterday
And the kids of today, are the characters of yesterday
And the kids of today, are the characters of yesterday
Track Name: Skinny Black Tie
I think of shit that’ll make you nip your bottom lip
Kisses like little footprints on the grounds of your stomach
I think of things (shit) that I know will make you feel good
Closer, and closer, and closer closer to blush
I want love; I give love, all for the sake, sake of love

I am beaten due to work in the throes of needing recognition
That is apropos to your dignity, you can assume for your abuse
And farewell to your bruises that are livid on your excuses
That you keep in your past
While they were bruisin your mouth and they were knockin you out,
and your music had..way too much.

And I’ve got way too much, I wanna help the world, I wanna help the world.

The only thing that helps me is your time.
Track Name: Oh It's Hard To Be A Boy
Oh it’s hard to be a boy.
In a time when he doesn’t know, what it is to be a man.
Doing all he can and all he finds in his findings is that, oh, it’s hard to be a boy.
He wants to break through his stoicism, to reach his laughter, to teach himself to be,
without the example of a proper character.
Working up from the low position of a bastard, oh it’s hard to be a boy.
Oh it’s hard to be a boy.

What is a man?
Is he a bunch of muscle, because I have a bunch of those?
Does he have a lot of money?
That shit aint funny, cause I aint got none.
Is he the one who wants to rule the world (because I cant even control the girls)?

Oh it’s hard to be a boy without anyone to help you.
Oh it’s hard to be a boy because everyone’s always mad at you.
Oh it’s hard to be a boy without anyone to help you.
Oh it’s hard to be a boy because your mother said they’re all bastards.

Well, I admit girls have a lot of heartache, due to the fucked up decisions we make.
We both have shame, we both have guilt, but all I’m saying is we must be the sons,
the lovers, and the witnesses.
I don’t mean to hold their efforts in degradation, for both parts there’s only participation,
but, Honey, you are not a Boy, so only love me, and listen to the words I choose to employ.

Oh it’s hard to be a boy without anyone to help you.
Oh it’s hard to be a boy because everyone’s always mad at you.
Oh it’s hard to be a boy without anyone to help you.
Oh it’s hard to be a boy because your mother said they’re all bastards.

I am a real boy. But what is a real boy?
But I am a real boy. But what is a real boy?
(What’s a real boy?) (I don’t know, what the hell is it then?)

What’s a real boy? (I’m a real boy.)

Girl, try real hard to interpret what I am.
And help bring me back to what your mother thought I should be, and my love is posed against your father’s, that was never for her and never for you; unlike mine, that forgets its self in order to always be there.
And I say how vile, and somehow I lose my smile, and you know I love even when you know it brings me down, to the low place of disproving your distrust-where I’m at- just so the girls can have a loyal friend.

Tellem, Fellas..

It’s hard to be a boy, let alone to try and be a man.
Track Name: Cory Again
I write, its ah ah, simple things that I try and explain.
But, see, I’ve got this heart- well there’s a nice note for you.
I’m bringing everything out; pick and choose what you want.
I, I’m, I’m not stuttering, you know you know, I’m no longer afraid of you.
And it’s ah ahhhhh, you see, oh, mf! That’s what I mean, I don’t know where it comes from,
but it comes for you.
And I can hide everything else, but that, I can’t hide from you.

And try, feelin the deepest of my insides, to know I mean I’m afraid of you.
And No! God, ah, I got everything goin, but you know, I’m not afraid of you.
Why, when I know I’ve got heart, but to know that I’m not afraid of you.

A gesture of value for something that’s beautiful: in your face, but no heart.
And I gave something that’s Holy, from me, to you.

And to you, well, I give you something that you never thought you’d have.
It goes like this; help me out and tear me down, and pull you towards an old end that could again
get the beautiful a precious man like me, to have.
Smart man, with keen mind, keen eyes, and keen lines that write for you to see; well you never
thought you’d lose me.
And think I wrote it, for when you’d be down and out.
And think it out and doubt it out.
And think it out and mend it out.
Think it out and mend it out.

And who woulda thought he’d be born with it?
And who though he was born with?
Who thought he would be born with this soul?

And think it out and mend it out, and give yourself over to something to be unsure about, and
who would of thought, ow!
He got confused like an animal and that made you scared like an animal- and people think-who
would of thought his love would become such a hassle?
He’ll be known as a serious one, who would of ever known?
And without him, how would of anyone ever known, that you were known?
Track Name: Sir Arbitrary Hippo
I will call you
I will call you
I will call you
I will call you

Your proclivity for wandering into the ebony shade and I’m curious,
do you have any rules for the way you behave?
And you abide by public opinion; it rules you.

(Mislead children aimlessly going down)

And the ones who act like they’re so strange when they’re so fuckin plain (aimlessly going down);
look at me I’m weird, I’m cool, I’m on dope I’m so cool, I ‘m at the head of the temple
of the most mediocre people that you’ve ever known.

(No power in their plastic jewels.)

No values in their realm and no power in their plastic crowns.

(And they should be ashamed of the way they behave; and they are.)

Mic of the original: Weirdy weirdy, Jellofish blights your sniff with scents like this.
I am here for the cleaning up time, off setting like turpentine.
Dolphins flippin, understand the girls who are kissin, I don’t know if pussy taste like chicken,
harem vigor towards things, that’s simple, Mars Man, Charzan, help Milo.

I guess the sense that I’m trying to make, is that it makes no sense, so why would I wait?
To calculate the times when it’s been too late, to read through the books while your tongues prate?
I need to move up, like women from the kitchen, treat my brain like a potential business;
stock the things I need, cut the things you don’t need, and cut that shit we shouldn’t eat.

And move yourself towards the fuckin shelf and treat yourself like somebody else, somebody better:
Beautiful, romantic, like the words in classics letters, written in the best form that you could send them.
I’ve read deeply into psychology, the theories and frameworks of personality,
lit myself with the neuro sparks that you put out to keep yourself in the dark.
Track Name: Quietude Boy
Oh, Boy, death forgives you, quietude in your head.

Boy, death forgives you quietude in your head
and I know you’ve been wondering, what will set you free.
Boy, don’t you know, love will set you free?

I’ve been searchin for something something
I’ve been searchin for something to set me free
I’ve been searchin for guidance, guidance
I’ve been searchin for something to set me free.

Oh, Boy, death forgives you, quietude in your head.
Track Name: Ventura
Such a strange place
where the children waste away
getting high behind brick buildings
listening to records beneath the ceiling

Oh, Ventura, you are my love.

And all the girls you’ve brought me love
and I’ve loved them all so much.
And the friends I’ve had, riding on their…
Oh, Ventura, my love I can’t get enough.
You were there when I didn’t have hope
and I didn’t want to be home
and the houses on the hillside…shining their lights down on me
growing up on Main St.
Oh, Ventura, you are my love.

This town is ours.

Oh, Ventura, my love, I could never get enough.